Ema Dzuriková

Great results for our players at the weekend!

It was a very successful weekend for our players - congratulations to Adam Iglár on winning the Club Championship at Skalica Golf Club, and to Lukáš Zušťák who won the Club Championship at Penati Golf Club. Well played also to Ema Dzúriková on her second place finish (beaten in a play-off!) at her Club Championship at Agama Golf Club. Keep up the great work!

Spring Training Camp - Austerlitz Golf Resort

Our annual weekend Spring training camp took place on April 7 and 8 at Austerlitz Golf Resort. The players enjoyed sunny conditions on the well-prepared golf course and practice facilities. 


The training was an ideal way to "wipe away the cobwebs" after a long winter. Players were mainly told to focus on short game, putting, correct club selection/distance control and general course management. Every player also had their ball and club performance data analysed on the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor.


Some photos from the camp here→